Inspiration for the New year…Bring it on!

Hello Dear hummingbirds!, Peacocks, gallahs, doves and gulls…! ~ What a year it has been; ~ How has yours been? –

Please let me know. I make my apologies already for having lost touch with some. Moving countries certainly makes for an interesting time – one must adapt, resettle (if back to their home country, as in my case), make time for family, for self, and sometimes for putting down new roots. I am so happy to have gotten to the end of the year and achieved my goal of passing meaningful time with those around me, some new, while others known for my lifetime so far, and sometimes bringing together the two and shaping new moments together, fragile moments which are beautiful and passing, but all the same will endure as memories, written across our minds and hearts… These special moments are treasures, and I hope to build more and more amongst my friends, shaping our lives with harmony and ease, gratitude and generosity, the gifts of Christmas which we breathe into our lives and knit a stronger fabric, which will hopefully endure and bring us together through also troubled times, as happens always in life. Our closeness will protect and nurture our spirits, and health.

At the same time, this time of the year is also a great time for letting go of things, places, or people. One of the constancies in life is changeability. As we relax and let go of the old, we can take with us those things which still benefit us and serve our evolution, while not giving in to the demands of old, which may not reflect or support our paths of growth, and our desires for our bright and brilliant futures!,

I have only one last wish for Christmas, and that is that everyone I have met in the last few years or in fact, ever been a part of my life, know that they are valued and appreciated.

I resolve to keep more in touch with my friends, and make more time to get together.

I hope that the New Year – 2010 is a grand one, a beautiful, and happy one, and when times get tough we can stand strong knowing that change will come, and that by supporting and loving each other, miracles even are possible. Our hearts truly are our greatest gifts, and if we listen to and appreciate each other, profound and positive change is possible!


Some Music I’m Listening to: INSPIRE!

Embrace The New!:


X. Bird.



~ by Teena Davidson on December 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Inspiration for the New year…Bring it on!”

  1. There’s a lot of Final Fantasy in your video. Good taste.

  2. “The fragility of crystal is not a weakness but a fineness”. You’ve got such a fine and generous heart Teena.
    Happy new year…

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