Annie Lennox recieves Honorary Degree recognising her relentless contributions and devotion to the campaign against HIV/AIDS Children’s and Womens Health Issues, In Edinburgh, Scotland


Above: Annie Lennox picture with Bono.

This honorary doctorate is presented by the University of Edinburgh, Dr. Annie Lennox has also given her backing to a University led study..

Superstar, acclaimed singer, songwriter, human rights activist, social entrepreneur, bombshell, self-proclaimed laptop activist and now; Doctor Annie Lennox…
~ The heartiest of Congratulations is extended to you for recognition by academia, as a pioneer, and dedicated human rights campaigner in the field of care and treatment for children living with HIV, and women with Aids sufferers, for treatment and prevention.

There are stunning, and beautiful pictures, of Dr. Lennox on her website House of Me:

University of Edinburgh, October 22, 2009.


Watch Annie Lennox talk at the Global Philanthropy Forum/: On Human Rights; and her reasons for involvement: & in her words “music making with a Purpose” And “Song with a message” ~

To learn more about Annie Lennox’s Foundation for SING:


~ by Teena Davidson on October 24, 2009.

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