COUNTDOWN To UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen

“We only have one planet. We’re all in this together. And we can’t sit back and wait for those who govern to legislate our way to a healthier, greener future. We need community-based leadership. Let’s make those changes ourselves right now, where we live every day – in our homes, workplaces and communities.”
~ David Suzuki Foundation

A word from David Suzuki on Blog Action Day

“The world is counting down to the climate-change meetings in Copenhagen in December.

As a northern nation with the longest marine coastline of any nation, Canada has people, economic sectors and ecosystems that are particularly vulnerable to climate change. Inuit have been telling us for decades that they are witnessing the effects of climate change in the Arctic. Because our economy depends on agriculture, fisheries, forestry and tourism, which are all very climate sensitive, our economic future will be impacted.

It is in Canada’s best interest to take strong action to reduce our emissions. And do not be placated by promises of carbon capture and storage (CCS). This is a completely untried technology with enormous problems of cost as well as unanswered questions about long-term stability of the carbon put under ground as well as the ecological implications of underground storage. CCS is pie-in-the-sky technology meant to lull us into thinking we can carry on with business as usual. We cannot.

Indications are that the Government of Canada is doing all it can to water down science-based targets and timetables. We can make a difference by letting the government know that we want Canada to sign an ambitious, fair and binding agreement at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen in December. One simple thing you can do right now is send a message to Canada’s prime minister and leaders of the opposition in the House of Commons. Yesterday, 8,000 Canadians sent a message and joined millions of people around the world taking action. You can send your message from our UN Climate Summit page.”

– By David Suzuki


Blog Action Day:


~ by Teena Davidson on October 21, 2009.

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