Gardening my Way to A Greener Future

Did I go away ~ Travelling, again, Oh, no…. ! 🙂 I’d like to say yes, maybe we fly in our dreams, at night, Looool.
But, i was away busy at the weekend, and I have been writing during the week, but somehow it doesn’t make its way to the page… Here. So, the weekend…

Some gardening music, To inspire: ~

Ah, nature, ever full of it’s surprises!

I’m sorry I didnt take my camera, especially to catch our little flowers – and little children who worked so hard to put together a new garden bed, ready for organic planting.

The method is quite simple, and methodical. Some say it’s like “green Therapy” getting your hands into the gardening…
I discovered little moments along the way, but the most vivid memory is a simple old marigold, those bright orange ones….It’s amazing the simplest things can be captured so eloquently, in the memory!

I wish to make a special Thank-you to the Brisbane City Council, and all involved, for their excellent community contribution.

And particularly, a very special thanks to gardening expert Annette McFarlane, who presented the talks for her wonderful work, and insightful, and entertaining and informative lectures, and advice on practical, do-it-yourself gardening. Check out her website, for expert advice on greening your thumb and garden!

Simple Things; thought ~:

Even in a garden bed, we can find a piece of Paradise
~ Bird

Note: Lush foliage cuttings can be used for garden mulch, the more the merrier in the garden bed!…. That is to say, Don’t be stingy, when it comes to building up the foundations to your organic garden, your foundations will nourish your plants and your harvest will be much tastier.. as the result!

Above: ‘Garden of Dreams’ … yum!

So, There We are! Here We are.

In the magnificent garden of our dreams, and imaginations..

I wish you, Happy Dreaming, and even Happier Planting, and Gardening….

~ Bird of Light


~ by Teena Davidson on September 8, 2009.

One Response to “Gardening my Way to A Greener Future”

  1. Love your Garden of Dreams…

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