Chase The Sun

Surfers chase the waves, I used to chase the sun…

“Chase the Sun” by Animalhouse and from the album “VISIONS OF IBIZA VOL 1”.

I’ve lately enjoyed sharing fantastic tunes with a new, very creative and talented friend. His job is a photographer. I think our shared moments of music, which cross the oceans, the lands of many different countries, and across equally wide variances of nationality and thoughts, systems of belief, and what have you – identify that universal thing we have in common – joy and the soul, light and laughter, love and emotions.

I was lucky enough to live and play in places which celebrate the joys of nature and sharing positive spaces together. Places by the sea, nestled beside mountain tops, which leave you sighing each day as you rise, and breathe, you know your day’s gona be great – the world outside is reverberating with natural joy and love. The day flows on and by nightfall, people embrace the cool night air, each part of the day is sacred, from sunrise to sunset, and beyond. We live in tune with nature.

So far removed are those days from me now, all I can do is see the mountain tops and water gleaming with sun, at any time of day, and smell that sweet fragrance in my heart.


~ by Teena Davidson on August 27, 2009.

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