It doesn’t cost a Scent:- Meditation on Beauty


Hello dear ones!….

I didn’t think I’d get the chance to write today – It’s the weekend already! –

I spent this morning preparing for the rest of the day, with the view ahead it will be productive: ie.  Doing those tasks at hand… That sometimes get put aside, in the “too hard” basket, or better put, – in the “not entirely necessary in this moment” basket.

Well, enough said.  I ran into a lovely neighbour this very morning at the coffee shop –  This gentleman is an incredibly intelligent fellow, in his life he has gone to the very top of his field, namely, physics – and he had with him a booklet of his inventions and works, which funnily, didn’t contain his name – as in the field his inventions had to have an air of secrecy about them…. Amazing! –

Anyway, I escaped a debacle of this morning involving a family member – which relative will remain anonymous, in keeping with the “privacy” theme, of the morning, who being rather tired, felt it was in her privileges to try and make a misery of the day… And what a gorgeous day it is – Sun is out, clear skies, a shade of blue only known as “the clear blue sky…”

After a generous however brief conversation with this admirable leader in his industry, I returned home but on the way picked some flowers…….. Upon arrival, I set out to make a meditative space – some may know of the Bach herbal product one can buy called “rescue remedy” – Well, this is my own personal variety – And it doesn’t cost a scent, pardon the pun, either.

Bird of Light “Rescue Remedy” – Recipe for attaining peace in an otherwise hectic, or uncontrollable world.

No matter which way you look at it, there will be forces, many forces which are outside our power.  Unless you want to escape and live in the Himalayas..  That is, to say.  For instance, it may be noisy neighbours, a cranky dog, or a relative in pain, whose sickness determines their dependence upon drugs for cure, or outside physical assistance or treatment.  These are the simple facts of life.

'Enhancing a sense of Space'

'Enhancing a sense of Space'

When you need to regain your personal space – and clear the energy – Meditation on Beauty – is a meditation anyone can do.  All it requires, is first the intent – the intent to purify your space, mind, and heart. 

Secondly, tools to assist in the meditation are helpful in concentration and insight.  Such as previously mentioned, freshly picked flowers.  Jasmine is in season here in the southern hemisphere, a the moment, and exudes a fragrance which has a special sweet potency.

Thirdly, place the flowers in a jar or vase with water, clear a table, or surrounds of the most distracting objects.  You can sit down with the flowers or beauty device as your main concentration.

With your gaze upon the flower arrangement – next, imagine that you are only present with the flowers.  The natural reality has an overwhelming beauty, in its simplicity.  Breathe out – and allow any negativity emotions to be released in your exhalation.

You might also put some meditation assisting music on in the background – anything from rainforest sounds to a chill version of cafe del mar – whatever can assist in your mental relaxation, and in regaining your positive space – enhancing the positive environment…

Set your alarm, if you think you might fall asleep! – 🙂


As you breathe in and out reflecting on the beautiful bouquet – You will notice the worries losing their place in your consciousness!…  The innate nature of the mind is empty – and you are love.  The flowers have essentially the exact same nature as your mind too, – it is only the thoughts that whir around, and our feeling consciousness which obscures your essential nature of beauty, love and peace.

Et voila!, There you have it – The time you allow yourself to spend on the ‘Beauty Meditation’, is entirely up to you – Given your daily activities or obligations.

I hoped you enjoyed regaining your sense of calm, and peace… Meditating on such a beautiful object such as flowers, is a simple tool – to find your balance and touch upon your essential, whole being – balancing and calming, body, mind, and heart.

You are Love – You are Peace.


Bird of Light meditation: –

“Meditation on Beauty:  Enhancing a Sense of Space”. Original meditation;- Bird of Light


~ by Teena Davidson on August 16, 2009.

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  1. You have posted awesome picture of flowers that is appreciated. Keep it up the good work. Cheers 🙂 Happy Blogging 🙂 Enjoyed the “Meditation on Beauty: Enhancing a Sense of Space”. Original meditation;- Bird of Light

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