“Capturing the Moment” Series. – II

Today I am continuing with the “Images of Beauty” series – but retitled it, – “Capturing the Moment.”

Marilyn Monroe

I hope you will also appreciate the idea that each image isn’t necessarily about the subject – We may say that it’s equally about the Photographer.

In this case, I would like to propose its about neither, or rather, both…

I want you to look at the work as “capturing the moment” – about the “moment” – the moment shared, between the camera, photographer and model, or muse. This particular image of Marilyn Monroe taken by the master Richard Avedon, is also timely – as we commemorate Marilyn’s passing yesterday in 1962. . Shortly, in fact I may need to retitle the series the Avedon series, lol..

So I chose each image for its striking quality and impact, its capturing the essence of the subject or the moment in time. .. Maybe its captured allure, mystery, power, rebellion, seduction…or possibly seemingly a moment of error…. in this case the image is so loved as it captures a raw, fragile, vulnerability… That innocence, or, perhaps more aptly – innocence lost. Definitely, it is one of honesty, emotion, and of course – truly original.

Whatever interpretations we may draw or read from it, there’s no doubt Avedon works magic! Enjoy!!



~ by Teena Davidson on August 6, 2009.

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