Images of Beauty, Series I

Spanish born actress, Penelope Cruz

Spanish born actress, Penelope Cruz

Starting an “Images of beauty” Series. I welcome your input.. if anyone else, is also interested in the Arts/ World of (fashion mainly) Photography.

Aesthetic appreciation is one of the true joys of life. I have been a fan of Vogue since a very little girl… As my grandmother always made sure there was “only the best” magazines left laying around, and set out to read. Fashion has inspired me forever.

That’s not to say I like to keep in tune with fashion, always. It depends on the trend, but I do like black & white photography, and true fashion photography…

Now, this may seem very random, of me. I’ll explain; When something catches my eye, I try to look deeply – If in every photograph there a thousand words… then simply by looking at a very well done photograph, one is taken away.. To that moment – included, as it were, in a space and time which no longer exists now, apart from its memory on people included, or the actual work of art (photograph) now.

A photograph will enlighten, disturb, tell of history, or inspire… provoke… gesture towards an attitude…

Photography is deeply a passion of mine, and its immediacy in telling a story is perhaps the beauty of it; that appeals most to me. . . Working in photography, in the past I was amazed to see how quickly images go to press – From the first steps of choosing location, ideas for clothing, lighting.. waiting for the right light… and to establishing a rapport significant enough between photograph and model, to generate good photographs (By the way, this exists also between photographer and wild animals… ) ….. To the final product; images ready for print or press. Anyhow… Here it is, the beginning of the photographers/images of beauty series ; )



~ by Teena Davidson on August 4, 2009.

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