Alive – Today

Thoughts: (Bird of Light) – ” In order to be fully alive and present to today – I must die to Yesterday.”

Meaning: The realization that, to be present now, all your ideas of Who I am, what I have done before… May or may not be useful to who you are today, and – who you are becoming; or want to become!……


What I did in the Past, may be the key to a current situation, but allowing oneself to not have ties to those things, enables freer, clearer current awareness, focus, and power. Love!

It is essential to understand and accept the reality of change in our environment. When we can put aside our attachment, we are better equipped to act correctly with a fresh mind – and clear approach to answer current problems. Responding also to crisis and change through new approaches, rather than always looking behind to the old.. As life changes, and we change.

A Friend sent me this song… It’s Phenomenal!

What are we doing to this Planet we live on?? . . .


~ by Teena Davidson on August 4, 2009.

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