What is the Real Face of Beauty?

“Lo que brilla en los ojos de una persona es la luz de sus ganas de vivir” – Monica Bellucci.

In English, “What shines from the eyes of a person is the light of their passion for life”.. This is my very literal translation from Spanish to English.. . But one could also say “their soul” = their (real/true) beauty.

That was one of Monica’s responses to the question asked, “What do you think makes a person beautiful?” … Of course, surrounded by glamorous images – many times airbrushed, with fabulous fashions, hairstyles, stylists, and attendees at parties too, if that is your lifestyle; it’s actually easy to see many beautiful people.

Personally, I’m only in awe of someone’s physical attractiveness for a maximum of five minutes, normally coming closer to.. 20 – 25 seconds – if I can tell that their beauty is not shining from within, from their heart, their peace, their joy, their love. . .

A selfish beauty is not attractive. A jaw-dropping, radiant beauty, such as model and yoga muse Christy Turlington or Spanish model and eco-activist Almudena Fernandez (above beauty Fernandez)… comes from a different space.

Having grown up with some exposure to the at times, superficial world of photography/modeling, I resigned myself to the fact that physical beauty is subject to degradation, however, the light that shines from within, is something indefinable, and something inextinguishable. Even, or especially, a woman of 70 years over and above, may be more attractive than one of youth.

The light and love, and wisdom, which comes onto a face with age gracefully, is truly one of the most extraordinarily beautiful and mind-blowing things to behold. This to me, is true Beauty. The beauty of the spirit, shining through.

Sophia Loren also comes to mind.. At 70+ years of age, to me she is many times more woman, more beauty, than 5 ordinary younger ones, who forget to take care of the “light within.” Beauty, of course, is a subjective thing however, and remains gratefully, to be in the eyes of the beholder. .

Taking care of oneself, and respecting what has been given, is more a matter of health and happiness, than it is of vanity.

Finally, a quote: “There is nothing on earth so curious for beauty or so absorbent of it as a soul.” – Wassily Kandinksy, who, as the author of the treatise “On the Spiritual In Art,” a Russian painter and art theorist (1866 – 1944) is regarded as the founder of abstract art, and a revolutionary thinker and artist. Founding his career at the age of 30, in life-drawing, sketching and anatomy – his artwork had at its basis the fundamental understanding that aesthetics were arrived at and dependent upon, a “devotion to inner beauty, fervor of spirit, and deep spiritual desire.”

Above photo: Spanish model Fernandez.


~ by Teena Davidson on July 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “What is the Real Face of Beauty?”

  1. For me – it is when I see an ‘Eagle’ as it glides over our wee isle – majestic.

    also my wee companion (a cavalier king charles) as she radiates whilst exploring the trail.

    They are my observations of ‘beauty’.

  2. “their soul” = their (real/true) beauty. That’s right

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