Dare To Be your (finest) Self

What a thrilling feeling – To actually be living from an authentic space. What exactly does this mean?

An example may best fit the description; I picked up the latest copy of Madison womens magazine and lo and behold – British born and blonde actress Sienna Miller was telling us that she’s actually a nerd and has unfit thighs… Did she just say something we didn’t expect to hear? It’s interesting when people “break out of the mould” so to speak, or stereotype… Of course, we are convinced by the media of many a story which never happened, and the messages we receive from many angles, hope for us to imagine that she prefers to spend any free moment exercising or shopping, rather – not reading poetry, or tending to her garden… Like a normal person. Why is that?

There are endless examples of actors, for instance, who break the mould – Daniel Day Lewis comes instantly to mind. I recall Day Lewis took time out from making films and winning Oscars, to make boots for a year or two, or so. Even our Cate Blanchett doesn’t fit into any particular stereotype, unless there is one for brilliant actress/wife/mother/patron of the arts/face of Japanese beauty brand model, that I’m unaware of.

I had a “moment” of self-liberation today, we’ll call it. I had left the University co-op Bookstore and while walking alongside a tree-lined pathway, with a newly purchased poetry and writer’s manual in hand – that this is ‘me’ that has been longing to come out Forever. I mean forever. Since I was about 3..or 4, ok.. maybe 6 years old- when I started to clutch to my favorite books… amongst them, by authors – CS Lewis, Roald Dahl.. I felt a surge of life – inexplicable – It was finally ok. to be a nerd. .. All surrounding circumstances and details of the day, and last days, weeks gone by; collaborating to this point in time. That’s not to say that I don’t buy and read books, or scour bookstores, old and new, but it was a “moment” – of realization – A breakthrough for me.

I truly agree when it is said that when others “come out” it opens pathways or doors for others to be themselves too.. Or to choose which way is really right or good for them. What will lead to happiness, and self-growth, and by doing so, maybe share a little more light in the world, by being happy, yourself.

To be original, is simply to be yourself. To experiment, or to take it slow, when others would take it quick, or vice versa. .. may be attributed to listening to oneself, before marching upon orders, or without thinking, into situations simply because, “that’s what everyone does.

Now some people are more inherent risk-takers than others…. That is a scientifically proven fact. I may have been one of them, jumping out of planes, journeying to foreign lands solo, and so forth,… Some people may feel more comfortable risking things, and being outside their comfort zone, even, than others, indeed than being in their own!..

– “Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary,” said Cecil Beaton.

‘Uniqueness’, determined by “integrity of purpose” – is something the world cant shake out of you. That is, when you are willing, to be either: different, impractical, or daring… Or all of the above!…….

The media, writers and advertising agents, in particular relish in picking up on the latest new thing, and selling it off as their own. I recently came across a picture of Britney Spears, with what appeared to allude to a halo cum mother nature figure. I am wondering how far this search for “something different,” images spawned to tempt and lure us into buying products we don’t need.

We are monopolized buy a world which accepts and condones extreme wealth and beyond belief poverty… Of course, its not a new thing, even in the times of our dear Sextus Propertius (an elegiac/ ‘melancholic’ poet, born: 50–45 BC), people were seemingly blinded by the lustre of gold:- “Every man now worships gold, all other reverence being done away.” believing the creation of economic wealth alone was a rite of passage. . ah, well.. I guess he saw things differently.

The “World” as we are intended to experience it or view it emphasizes and revolves around corporatism/commercialism.. we are not encouraged to think for ourselves.

Of course, our greatest inventors and explorers have always stood “outside the box” or rather ran, flew or swam when they should have been sitting, said, done, or attempted the seemingly (utterly) ridiculous, in spite of current trends, and the time – believing in their ideas, their pathways.. .And their attempts, were not always just that; some of their ‘wild ideas’ actually worked and changed and shaped our world.

Being different can not only raise eyebrows, but also turn heads, and not only that, who knows.. You may even win votes, by living and breathing authenticity – Your truth. But the most important one to win is your own, to know you are living in accordance with your true spirit and goals.

You will feel good. You will be happy, and you will no longer be bothered with anyone who doesn’t “get” you. On a final note of encouragement – for anyone who may desire to explore their authenticity and or creative drives/lives; Take a piece of advice from screen legend Ingrid Bergman. Put simply, she says: –

“Be yourself. The world worships the original.”


~ by Teena Davidson on July 23, 2009.

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