Birds Congregation – Seville, Spain

Birds congregating – Seville, Spain

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This picture I recall was a spontaneous inspiration – I was amongst a group of travellers, chatting and talking amongst ouselves when I glanced back, and noticed how very many birds had congregated utop various portions of the building..

The color of the building itself is very nice, I think, yellow being a color of illumination and enthusiasm, and there you have it, contrasted with the white birds perched every which-ways… They serve in a way as miniature statues, however, there was so much life to them!… However, not noticed perhaps by every passer-by.. The radiance of the building facade has been diminished with time, but in its place endures a sense of history and fashionable shabby-chic…

By the way – Seville holds some fabulous tapas bars and eateries.. Dont ever miss the opportunity to stop by, it is a very pretty city – Which also gives new meaning to cab rides, in their peculiarly narrow streets, a niaive foreigner has vast opportunity to have fun – And enjoy the ride – So to speak, with a plentiful mix of cultural opportunities, and one of the best fairs – ‘ferias’ ie. week-long parties, in all of Spain!

The women there claim to be amongst Spain’s most beautiful – and the men are certainly not bad-looking either, if you fancy traditionally handsome features, sometimes smoldering expressions, and lustrous olive complexions, complete with ‘traje corto’ combine to set hearts aflutter! ..

Although, I would have to say that womens feria dresses are supreme in the fashion stakes, which will never go ‘out of vogue’. I had male friends, who whilst beholding the sights of women dressed in the traditional feria dress (irrespective of age or weight), were made weak at their knees – one who happened to be an expert on what looks good on women – a Photographer, no less, proclaimed it was the “ideal dress shape” for a woman; furthermore, that all women should favor this style for their choice of wedding gown.. Letting go of the smorgasbourd of choices available to women these days… which can at times be chosen for their faddishness, in lieu of true style, or beauty..

I shall try to locate those pics from the feria..
Forgive me for my meandering sojourn throughout my memory this evening.. Pictures, or rather, photographs can inspire or evoke such sentiments.. and memories… that are a pleasure to peruse and share, reliving in a sense by the simple art of storytelling..



~ by Teena Davidson on July 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “Birds Congregation – Seville, Spain”

  1. How wonderful of your descriptive as to Seville and its architecture along with the birds. I could almost visualise the scene as I read.

    I retain similar memories of my visit to Madrid – the birds seem to enhance beautifully such scenic architecture.

    • Aaaah, Madrid!.. Madrid has fine example of very beautiful architecture!.. My visits did not involve picture-taking.. I must have deliberately “forgotten” to do so, in a vague attempt to make a return necessary;) ..I’m glad you enjoyed the piece, I enjoy the luxury to romance my memories, on the occasion.

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