Putting on my Pink Gloves

Just another brief environmental update: – I shall be putting on my Pink Gloves in an attempt to “clean-up” the environment, & local surrounds (of nearby where I live), probably over the weekend, but could be anytime – The sooner the better!..

I do think it’s an environmental hazard not to respect the environment. It sounds stupid, I know, But that’s precisely what we’re doing when we don’t “take care” of or take pride in, or respect our surrounds.

Pink gloves

Image courtesy of Google

I’ve decided to take as much care as possible on this theme, nature is an extension of oneself – Moreover: WE are but a small part of that fragile bigger picture..

It seems to me, that it boils down to a lack of time, a lack of time invested, in the environment. People appear to be too busy, rushing around.. . But there still is time to “pick up the wrappers” so and so forth.. We are consumed as a society in general, as a whole, to value and put priority on having more, building more, making more, and we are told that the only way is to earn hopefully as much money as is possible. Yet, sometimes, at the expense of our surrounds.. And overall well-being.

It is a tricky balancing act to attend to all & to find the balance!

I remember living overseas, and being so impressed with the care taken to surrounds and general hygiene standards, yet at other times…found myself longing for home, and the natural cleanliness and respect on the environment. I would walk the street to work or university, and almost wade through papers and junk… Not to mention going to the beach and being surrounded by papers used take-away food containers.

At the end of the day, it’s just about rolling up our sleeves and trying to make a difference.

When I see cleaners out, I try to give them as much respect as I would to a doctor, if not more – their job as essential to a good, pleasant and healthy environment as any. So anyway, if you see me out, wearing Pink rubber gloves, this will be why…

😉 Chirp!



~ by Teena Davidson on July 14, 2009.

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