Hello wonderful world!..

Today, is a nice day – nothing officially to complain about,
Except whilst I was amongst the hustle and bustle
of my daily life,
..rushing to get a few things done,
from A – B and so on,
I was stopped
on the street,
By C – :
known as eco-warriors,
well-versed and informed
Environmental Warriors.

Their plight,
Is not so Humble,
Not average at all, Indeed,
They speak on behalf of
All the greenery, Lush and savage,
The trees and woodlands,
And so much more,

Which DO NOT have
The capacity to speak for themselves,
So I told them,
I donate my services
In the means through which I
Feel capable,
Signing all the petitions I can –
And so on

And voice my support
when possible.


Nature Imagery By Ferhat Edizkan

As for my contributions,
The economy and all..
And yet again –
That piece of paper,
Wanting continuous monetary donations
was held up,
Three times,
In fact,
Maybe more.
In spite of
my suggestions,
That I would prefer,
To donate my voice

My writing,
my services,
In the ways I can afford.

This is paperwork…
After all.

I am not criticizing them.
In fact,
I took the time to hear Their
Plea, and see the pictures,
And Hear even

So, Bird is now currently an
aficionado of
The Wilderness Society;

We can show our support,
Each to their means,
But..As this environmental street warrior suggested,
“It’s about Tasmania.. But..we find
we need petitions from the rest
of the World –
As we are one world.”
Indeed, wise words.

Just caring, Being aware,
For starters,
And then
Showing our Support!
Dear World,
I Love you, World.

And, for viewers of this blog are
Aware, we have a fondness for trees,
In prior posts,
You will find poems about trees,
pictures of trees, nature photography,
and such. Who knows, sometime
in the Future these things
may not be things we take
So often for granted…
In our Beautiful World!

The Wilderness Society Link
Is added to The Bird of Light Blogroll, as Well
Under the Heading “Conservation and The Environment”.

…”Let Your Chirps be heard!”


Photographs By Ferhat Edizkan


~ by Teena Davidson on July 14, 2009.

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