A Bird Perched On A Line

Soul of dignity,
Soul of response
Soul of intrigue
Interested, yes;
She walks
the line if caring
-and defining, or
redefining her

Green and gold,
Plume and claw,
She has the gaze
of a mother.

Blue shadows,
Sky around –
Bird of white,
– and of many colors…
Her plumes evoke
the soul of the forest,
and sun, her
Beak gleaming,
a repose
of thoughtfulness.

'Bird' artwork by Ferhat Edizkan

'Bird' artwork by Ferhat Edizkan

Far away…
too many eager minds,
Who like buzzwords,
maybe excited, no –
enthralled, at least
for a while
Swoop –

Her instinct is sharp.
Mouth is dry, and
Thoughtfulness –
Not to be
her demise.

Her eyes tell
The Story.
One trill rings pure –
And feathers
Aflutter, All is
A harmonious
Song, thrilled;
and locked before!

Her time is soon,
While others
come waiting,
Their own Innate
Awareness, inborn,
Instinctual –
in almost all. A new
time dawns.

No – Not again!,
Swoop, and swarm!.
A sea of birds…
Like wasps
There is no interest –
For me, to scratch away
For no good reason
at all.
The sunlit reason
Welcoming, to a
foreign shore.

Too many words..
When the one –
Comes first,
From sharing,
Ah – The peace!
Still illumination,
In identifying,
in other’s words.

Scratching about,
The nest is empty,
A repose it shall be,

'Bird perched on a line' Artwork of Ferhat Edizkan

'Bird perched on a line' Artwork of Ferhat Edizkan

We are not here
for nothing
Let your reason Be
When talk and more talk
Obstruct the good,

“All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind.” –

And fewer words, well spent, are deserved.

Original Verse, By Bird of Light
Photographs: Ferhat Edizkan
Quote: Kahlil Gibran

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~ by Teena Davidson on June 26, 2009.

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