Magnificent things, those little things… Some verse

Magnificent things,
Those little things…
Sun-damaged flower,
muse of the lowest haven,
out from a dense part
of the
forest, but at
ground level
I met you,
Struck by
your brightness!

Little muse,
Oh, to trade
my humble plight
for your
quiet glory
in nature!..

To share your space,
in the spotlight,
which is sacred,
soaking up splinters of
my travels
past catch up to
me and reinforce
the remembrance of simplicity –
time in standing motion

Gaze of innocence –
I know where I am,
And I wont let you escape
from my vision
Holding ever
in view,
yet so far removed,
those memories
which you keep
so tightly hidden.

That sunset-showered
peacemaker of golden hue

Your brightness prevails,
Although there is darkness
All around you.

I follow you – your
glow where I came
Home, to a
sweet solace, a
green nestled
ever so deep!

Sky overhead
piercing blue –
However barely,
To embrace the shadows of luscious hue
While neither peeping here nor
there for long,
… between the trees!

Oh, little one!
In flickering light,
Sometimes too bright..

Yet when it sparks
Glows infused,
your petals reflect back that same
tonal hue!
The sunlight plays a mean dance with you!

The forest cradles you,
While trees shaded you –
Barely burnt, but for
the tips of your
your petals of soft silk
they appear, so round and gentle.

Only hoping for warmth,
Like frost-bitten wings of an angel,
We fight for balance within nature!,
And in humble stature
surrounded by old oaks,
and Noble dwellers,
are those Giants
of the forest.

Smiling at nature’s keepers,
Who are our soul – teachers

Future resting with you But
my glance..
the flower knows so much more

Staying silent, most the while,
Until a chill wind blows and
she knows not what
else to do..
Speak up,
little flower,
Let your voice be heard –
She nods,
and although there
blows a terrible breeze
and she is barely heard,
If for a faint whisper,

“the weight
of the forest
rests with you –

Yes, I know this;

And the murmur continued..

“Although far greater than me;
I did not let it overcome me,
nor overshadow me –
For we are tied together,
earth not wanders from its
nor fears the day,
the night,
But welcomes all of
natures’ plays..

And so,
Here we live,
In this thick forest –
tree by tree,
soil by root,
As a needle pushing thread
uniting one fabric,
So too –
You must learn how to do,
not forsaking our
brethren for the next
Oh mighty or powerful
eking out into our
deathly dues
… You humans must live,
tied together,
by a global thread,
Of harmonious right behavior –
Not pushing one down
simply to get to
the other,”

Behold the flower,
And its innocence,
found so often wanting.

I trekked back long,
And panting,
Arrived back safely,
And thought to myself,
“If only we could all
Live like the flower,
But we are so different”..

Then my memory
of the flower
And I know her response,
in an instant;
“It is only our ego
that breaks us”.

Loving each other so,
in a warm embrace,
As in the sky, the forest,
or field..the shadows
which we trust
to subside when are broken
by Sunlight..
Our trampled freedom,
Is just passing through,
For some came,
to steal
the other’s freedom,

No, live as the forest, whose clues,
Sharing a unity without
being forgotten,
But remaining true.
And breathing out-
Its existence is
Giving, and somehow
For there is joy in
that too,
But far beyond,
The walls of corporations,
it’s logic is one of nature –
A logic of grace and superiority
In the high canopy
resting a sublime
architecture and example,
to me and to you.

Words Original prose by Bird of Light Poems copyright, Photos below: By Ferhat Edizkan.

Bird of Light dedicated words to The Suzuki Foundation.


~ by Teena Davidson on June 24, 2009.

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