“The devil laughs at those who plan for the next year”

I promised to share a meditation, on Saturday. I have since decided to make up my own meditations to share here – They will be simple, quick, and well, we will see… How they evolve is not a matter of strategy, and I hope and guess that in this way, they shall be more timely.

There is so much going on the world today, and so many changes!.. We are seeing the opportunity for changes for the Iranian people, and incredibly, we are seeing the world unite in one name – for the common good – for freedom and peace.

These are very exciting times in which we live!

Back to the subject of meditation – I will share links of masters of meditations, from time to time, rather than elaborating on their techniques in this space.

Similarly, I will emphasize my favorite quotes and inspirations, as they are essential in my path, and hence illustrate an authenticity, of my aspirations.

In between getting through the mundane tasks of the day I stumbled upon an old Zen book.. And while I sat down with a cup of coffee in hand for afternoon tea, I randomly opened a page – and there was one of my favorite quotes!- ‘Whatever you do, don’t wobble!” In other words, “walk or sit, but don’t wobble”.. There are a variety of translations from the original, but it is a Zen saying.

It rings so true – because the heart of meditation is to be in the present moment. And what is so misguided about mediation practice, is that meditation can been seen as something solely removed from what I will term, our ‘daily walk’. . .

Indecisiveness, which is often brought up by fear – is an energy burner. The point is to be centered and focused in any given task, it is not important what the task is, only to have concentration in it.

Obviously, the point of removing ourselves from distraction and practicing meditation as such; is beneficial to train the mind, to understand and to bring to the mind the state of resting in the present moment, at any given time.

Zen Teacher Roshi Phillip Kapleau explains that in mediation, as in life too, fears crop up, which often send us vacillating. But, if we are alive to the present moment, then the correct activity will grow from the present awareness. He says, “Don’t bet on long range plans, they’re all unrealistic”.

Lao-Tzu said, “To do nothing, yet to leave nothing undone”. It points to being fully present in this moment and letting the activity grow from it.

Who has ever concentrated so hard on the future, and made sure that they would determine their own future then found themselves walking in those shoes, only to be disappointed, and realize what we were searching for wasn’t their fulfillment?

“The devil laughs at those who plan for the next year” is a Japanese saying. I’ll leave you, with that!

🙂 Kindness to All,


~ by Teena Davidson on June 22, 2009.

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