Sunday –

Photo: Ferhat Edizkan

Photo: Ferhat Edizkan

Sunday again, and having rested and enjoyed a weekend which put closely together elements of family, and female support, meditation time and reading, a little escapism with a good movie. . . I did enjoy The Proposal, and the scenery itself in Alaska was rather beautiful..

Today brought the blessing of rain here much needed, not only for the trees and gardens, but also to cleanse away the week that passed, ready for new beginnings! Last week got hectic towards the end, and productivity was accompanied by some new personal insights and decisions.

It’s funny when you go through old photos, the memories it can drag up. I think it’s important to allow yourself to feel those feelings, and reflect on the reasons you feel that way.. And then allow those energies to push forward new self-knowledge, useful revelation that you can benefit your health and happiness and life.

Life is about change and progression after all,it never serves one to go backwards, but it can be helpful to recall in order to ensure a clear, authentic route for tomorrow.

Forgive me, I’m on my “last legs” right now – I’ll leave you with this gorgeous shot of autumn leaves, I’m an old romantic when it comes to beautiful nature photography. The southern hemisphere is in winter, so I think it suits these days to come. . Enjoy!

'Beauty amidst the dust' photo: Ferhat Edizkan

'Beauty amidst the dust' photo: Ferhat Edizkan


~ by Teena Davidson on June 21, 2009.

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