Tomorrow’s blog – ‘Hope’

Tomorrow’s blog will be about Hope. Right now, I have just a few things to say about this topic – And I have come across an excellent writer, one who has written meditations on the matter. All I will reveal – for now – is the title of the piece: “Never Lose Hope”.

These are three beautiful, scrumptious words, which stem from the heart and are the territory, or terrain of the heart.

I was once told something by a then significant individual in my life, and I will never forget it. I turned my light out, and I wandered a path, which felt like I was in one of those traffic tunnels, the ones that cut through mountains – which are long and dark.

I would recommend to anyone never listen to anyone who tries to destroy your hope. Life is made fragrant with friends, and through belief in your personal Dreams, they may not be those of others, indeed I hope they are All yours – That is to say; – original and unique. Dare I add, maybe even “a little crazy”.. In the sense that they may be wild, they should invoke passion – that is to say; yours, and they are instinctual…they give life allure and inspire you to shine in the world.

Sunrise: In Black and White; Author/Bird of Light's photograph

Sunrise: In Black and White; Author/Bird of Light's photograph

Isn’t that what dreams are, the stuff of hope? This is a personal power no one must take away! ..

So, here I share with you one of my personal photographic images, I took it at the beginning of this journey above that I speak of. And it returned to me, since I returned home. The image embraces light and dark, just as we must in ourselves, our loved ones, life and the world. Nature captures this yin/yang juxtaposition perfectly, with light receding into the night, and following – night giving itself back to the day. I converted it to black and white to echo and enforce my sentiments.

For anyone struggling with Hope in their lives – Please don’t!

Hope is a seed to be nurtured and watered, and allowed fertile soil and room to grow.
Hope is a blossom from the heart! It’s scent is fragrant and its owner is you – your heart.


~ by Teena Davidson on June 20, 2009.

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