Today’s blog: The Democracy of Art

I apologize that I haven’t written anything the last few days- It hasn’t been for lack of imagination, – or Inspiration. . These things keep coming, and I am grateful, to their owners more than anything. It is the weekend, and the last couple of days, which for me included personal housekeeping, have also been ones of insight, personal growth – and revelation. Not necessarily in that order.

I am grateful to my artist friends, and I have a small international circle, growing. I welcome everyone. Some I met traveling and living in Europe, whilst some I met whilst traveling the realms of soul, heart, and friendship. The former includes a long-lasting friend, who has managed to forge a successful career in film, doing exactly what he loves to do; and all share in common a love for Truth, honesty, discovery and freedom.

Untitled gift by Ferhat Edizkan

Untitled gift by Ferhat Edizkan

I am honored to receive a gift today, and bold as I can be I would like to share it on my page. (The other one is just for me, and my home and wall, and family.:) )

Art speaks to the soul and cuts across all divides. The language of color is instinctual, and art, unlike other things, has the power to reveal so much story, sometimes history – in a short instant. And exceptional art, as in all great discoveries, stands the test of time – It becomes more and more cherished over time, like any good tale or love affair, and speaks across languages, borders, cultural interjections, and indeed generations. It may convey strong timely or cultural relevance, but transcends its immediate audience. I’m not an art expert, I’m just a person who appreciates beauty, and a good tale. 🙂

I do hope over the course of time my knowledge on this theme will develop, for indeed, in my family history art abounds!.. And has found meandering routes, diversifying itself through design, architecture, painting, film and photography, drama, poetry and languages, sculpture, and fashion design/ dress making. In conclusion for now, I hope this shared piece speaks whatever it may, to whoever concerned.. That is the Real beauty and truth of art – it is a language of freedom, where the viewer may decide, and take whatever he chooses to, in terms of wisdom or story gleaned from a picture or piece.

Or at least, I hope that democracy speaks through art and we are to make up our own minds and say as we feel, simply “Do I like it, or not?” Not to like it just because we are told it is good! That is real democracy. .

I have many more themes lined up for this blog, so I will bid you adieu,

.. . Hasta la proxima



~ by Teena Davidson on June 20, 2009.

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