How to look as good as Scarlett

Hi everyone! It seems fashion is really the flavor of this month – With all the problems out there in the ‘real world’ it is no wonder, really, to be looking for a bit of inspiration – something to brighten your day, perhaps? I have found this utterly stunning picture of Scarlett Johansson in a gorgeous red dress, and if anyone can pull off wearing red, it’s her.

How to wear red well

How to wear red well

I think for everyday occasions it’s probably “over the top” .. but, then again – worn with confidence it’s a bit of fun, and if you have the tenacity it takes to paint an expert pout like this one in shocking red – then all power to you! I like especially that her eye makeup was treated with care. This color approaches salmon from afar, but it’s more likely to be a hue in gold used to team with her necklace – which I admit is very becoming on her. I do love crystals! – I think it actually adds a “dressed down” feel to her outfit; it’s a relaxed piece and gives a less ‘obvious’ note to her look. The delicate gold chain certainly compliments her beige highlights and breaks up her look. In the makeup department, once again – I like that she didn’t go OTT on mascara or liner, it saves her from becoming a caricature of herself.

Final note: along with her flawless complexion, the chiffon dress detailing adds a delicate edge to this otherwise over-powering cocktail of color. No wonder she’s smiling 🙂


~ by Teena Davidson on June 16, 2009.

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