‘Lights in Venice’ A Traveler’s Vision

Lights in Venice - Bird of Light, travels

Lights in Venice - Bird of Light, travels

Notes/ Poetry:

When seeing is undone,
At the end of the night,
As day cascades
into darkness
and the shuffle of
the day parade
subsides –

as laughter
drifts off ..
into momentary
and shared giggles..
or a glass
of wine,
as I walk into
the next day –
leaving the past behind..

Ah, moments in Venice,
The streets escape me,
and transport me,
All at once,
that lure,
delicious design!,
Irresistible –
As always!,
the touch
Of cold stone streets
Under my feet,
so tired and sore
from walking..
march past another day,
into the sunlight,
out of the shade,

Everyone adores you,
Venice you are like a fine
fitting brooch on
my dress
befitting a princess,
or the best evening attire
you are queen of the cities,
A close friend to lovers,
and the home to some lucky few.

Venice, we behold you, and wonder..
As the shade sets in and the lights dim..
magical enchantress,
we bid you adieu

Words and image: copyright: Bird of Light


~ by Teena Davidson on June 13, 2009.

One Response to “‘Lights in Venice’ A Traveler’s Vision”

  1. Captivating of intrigue. Enhanced beautifully of image. I like it 🙂

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