Stylish and eco-fantastic – the humble bicycle makes fashionable moves

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Get on your bike

I thought I’d combine my travel journal with what’s fashionable, right now. I confess, I have been lusting over a very special pink bike, for a long time now. The picture above is from my european travel journals.

In between seeing special sights, it was as usual, the simplest things that caught my eye. So ever since I’ve thought that a pink bike is a the way forward in style. You can move easily on a bicycle, get your exercise, save the environment, and now even look fashionable… This month Vogue has highlighted some of the newest and most endearing styles…

Plus, they’re affordable means of transport! No excuse for not looking in shape and a brilliant way to save money on cab fares and buses!

British model Agness Deyn was a key trendsetter upping the sex-appeal and fashion cred of the humble bicycle – but before and since then, numerous models have been turning heads through the city streets.

A recent and notable head turner was seen wearing a red dress on The Sartorialist blogspot , which echoes the very best in street style and fashionable moves. And since then, the streets and parks are full of these fashionable movers.


~ by Teena Davidson on June 12, 2009.

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