Last days, Journal: Bird of Light

Heart-shaped Cloud: never give up hope!

Heart-shaped Cloud: never give up hope!

Well, I promised 6 days of journal, and it was a long weekend. Here it is, to cap it off… Thoughts for the day: I am truly grateful to be surrounded by positive, enlightening people – that is to say, people who strive to greater creative limits, are supportive, kind, and who realize the importance of the simplest things.

This week I started my winter exercise regime. I am doing it purely for health reasons, but given the incentives to keep in shape, if we don’t use it, we lose it – I’d rather put it to good use. The weather was perfect, once again – although its starting to get on the chilly side, but I have to say, sometimes when I am walking it is so satisfying, I wonder why people would prefer to go in cars, if they have a choice?

Well, that matter is for another day – as I am very excited to see a new eco-car in production from Japan. I hope that it becomes commercially available as soon as possible – I would be among the first to buy it!

On the other matter of consumerism, and the sore point of the economic crisis, today’s news showed that Australians have returned if somewhat to confidence in retail spending. I confess that I was a part of that positive movement today, as I stocked up on a few things to see me through the colder months ahead.

So as the cold weather approaches here, I am reminded of my friends in Europe who can now start to enjoy the warmest months ahead. It’s magical, when people start to pour out onto the streets, enjoying drinks together, or sharing meals or tapas, that evolve wondrously into evenings spent chatting losing track of the time, over glasses of red, sometimes organic wine…

For anyone who asks, am I expected to be heading back over that way again? – I haven’t made any plans. That part of the world is so firmly entrenched in me, I made a decision last time I left to hold all of the best of it, all the parts that I loved the most – the mountains, the sunlight, the views of the cafes, the castle walls and cobbled stone streets, and the elegantly displayed items and window dressings, certainly the people, Spanish, and from many varied nationalities, each with their personal idiosyncracies, and accents, with their rich voices, and characters to match, to remember it all, along with some of my favorite recipes for tapas, and customs.. firmly in my heart and mind and memory… And I confess, my penchant for “butting-in” as we call it (Aussie slang); meaning: the seemingly inconsiderate practice of talking over the top of someone, which is considered rude here and I suppose in other parts, but which I was assured is the height of education in Spain – it shows one’s passion for the conversation, including one’s company and chosen topic. This latter habit is perhaps less useful to cultivate.


~ by Teena Davidson on June 10, 2009.

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