Poem: ‘One Drop encompassing All’

The secrets of whispers,
The closeness of contact,
The breath on my shoulder,
I longed to know.

Trusting you,
I know I am
History is told.
I am awakened,
To my dreams,

I ask of you –
quiet things/honest things,
These small things
Appear so huge –
So torn I break
Apart desire –
Would have undone
The rest,
As desire unclothes
and unmasks,
Seeing into
The Heart.

Love is blind,
But desire
Has a keen eye.
We have forever
To give love a chance,
A cliche maybe;
A faux pas

Never, to me
Was there
A beauty,
So vivid –
Holding my view,
Upon the Lake
When one fresh
Holds all.

Its circumference uniting
Any divisions,
Its unity inspiring
By its cohesive
A tear sewn
from love or
An act of worship,
Of all things

Now awoken,
I shed this dream-like
State in which
I rested for years,
A slumber of adolescence.

I need to stretch again
It is in quiet deliberation,
I don’t stretch my wings
Unless I want to fly again,
Don’t want to fall.


~ by Teena Davidson on June 9, 2009.

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