“Scratching Out a Clean Nest”- Bird of Light Journal, Day 4 & Beyond

ok. So it’s Day 4 – And beyond for my correlation of the day’s events, or rather my exposition of a day of in the world of bird..

Weather has been perfect. In fact, so adamantly so, that I could barely keep myself from flying off into the art gallery, or heading out for a day of photographs – But duty keeps me home bound. Recall, the Spring Clean?

First appearances would suggest its slow in coming, but on a deeper level, its already made manifest. Today I am being obtuse, as there has been so much going on that it’s very hard to pick a point of origin. You see, Spring Clean for Bird of Light involves also a personal renovation. For example, this week – I have changed my diet, started exercising again, and given up chocolate and sugar (which I only had in small quantities anyway). I have replaced those foods with more vegetables and fresh fruit, honey, and have decreased my milk intake in favor of soy. I am feeling much cleaner and healthier already! Now, apart from walking as exercise, as I don’t like gyms, I like yoga. I will start with yoga, as I have found it to sweep me off its feet with its restorative and energizing effects – and I would suggest it to anyone, who feels tired, or possibly depressed, or maybe suffering from illness, or who doesn’t have the time to go out to the gym or if the weather is bad outdoors – it’s so much cosier in.

To start with – you don’t require a special outfit for doing yoga in. If you’re indoors, you can do it in your sleepwear even – or as I prefer, straight out from the shower, to start the invigoration. To begin I do a few simple moves – basic stretches which it is obvious my body needs to do. These involve – gentle head movements, rounding the neck in a circular and semi-circular motion. Always remembering to breathe. If there is a lot of tension there, be gentle. I like to do “salutations to the sun” but there is an easier posture, the simple “dog pose” which is a basic stretch and less vigorous.

There are some simple yoga techniques which you can even practice in bed, upon waking – no, not that type of technique! I suggest looking at Sadie Nardini’s yoga – she seems to have a plethora of accessible and interesting yoga practices available on YouTube. Visit her site: http://www.sadienardini.com

Yoga is about getting in touch with your inner essence, your “divine spark” or intuition. It is very healthful to do. Having a strong body and a clear mind also helps you to ‘get things done.’

Well, I think that’s about it for now.. I will see you very soon – refreshed and invigorated! Have a happy weekend,

~ by Teena Davidson on June 6, 2009.

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