Day 3- Journal Bird of Light’s Personal Springclean Campaign

Dear Journal,

As the week has crawled up beside me.. and then threatened to surpass me, I am at the acute edge of awareness that something must be done about it. That spring cleaning I started, that didn’t reach into the dimmest, darkest crannies of my bedroom, where papers lie, in disorganized little bundles – ah! – the truth really is shocking!

So to start my personal “clean-up” appeal, the one that precedes “clean-up Australia”, recall the day where we pick up papers and rubbish from our environmental surrounds… Coffee, check. Music, check. Letter from boyfriend, ? Check, The news? He appears to have been bowled over by a bout of gastrointestinitis: (not a good start to a holiday.) It’s always “unexpected moments” such as these, that make so much more exciting challenging /defenseless.

Back to the clean up appeal. I had sorted my scarves, my personal belongings, which include: – shoes, shoes, clothes, jackets, dresses, hats, and so on. Typical woman’s wardrobe, prepared for anything. But am I? Clothes must be the armor of necessity of women. Choice, or necessity?.. a too long-winded rhetorical debate that would question image and its currency. I am proud to say, although for anyone who has known me or my wardrobe(s) of the past – it is now (albeit economically) whittled down, indeed almost monk-like in its purity, at least in comparison to days bygone. It is lean, mean and prepared for almost any weather ocurrance.

I also started a clean-out computer campaign. This was assisted by google, and other things. Trouble is, my search engine is now working slower than ever before.

Paperwork remains, and time is short. I must trust on my instincts to “get things done” far more than I can rely on personal administration protocols.

There is still time, By the way, this letter is not sentimental in the slightest, is it? .. (That is because I promised to myself it wouldn’t be, after yesterday’s poem). One must be different and never the same. I admit I do have hopes to take this whole thing to a higher level, one (the reader) mustn’t feel lost on the page – a little bit of organization here, as the spring clean extends to this space.

cheerio! Wish me luck for the day! I will have news for you this evening. – And it wont be a bad one., the weather is far too perfect to let anything get in its way!


~ by Teena Davidson on June 5, 2009.

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