“My name is Eva and I am looking for my perfect match”

Stunning Czech's campaign to save lives

Stunning Czech's campaign to save lives

At first glance, this stunning outfit on supermodel Eva caught my eye… But it so happens, she has a campaign currently, and its not all about fashion.

She has made a film about something very close to her heart: “My name is Eva and I’m looking for my perfect match.”

Herzigova wrote exclusively for Vogue last week, explaining the cause. Here Vogue’s Lauren Milligan explains:

“The supermodel and mother-of-one hasn’t made this film in her search for true love, but rather to encourage us all to “Get swabbed and save a life”. In this film Herzigova talks us through the reasons for her support of the DKMS initiative – and shows us how simple the procedure is.”

DKMS is a bone marrow donation centre which is helping to save the lives of children and adults with Leukaemia and Lymphoma who need a bone marrow transplant, and the database is currently insufficient to save these lives.

In her own words she explains: “The ultimate goal of the ‘Get swabbed and save a life’ initiative is to build the world’s DNA database so that the tens of thousands of people who desperately need a lifesaving bone marrow transplant can find their genetic match.”

To illustrate just how quick and simple the procedure is, Eva is shot posing at a photoshoot, and then immediately after swabs herself. She appeals “Get swabbed and save a life.”
Article: http://www.vogue.co.uk/news/daily/090527-supermodel-eva-herzigova-writes-for.aspx

Watch film: http://www.vogue.co.uk/news/daily/090601-eva-herzigova-exclusive-film.aspx


~ by Teena Davidson on June 2, 2009.

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