Bird of Light begins a 6- Day Diary, Starting now…!

Today, I woke up with my usual surrounds, but with the knowledge that someone who has become very important and close to me, was further away than before.

I have decided to honor that special someone by dedicating an online diary, over the next 6 days – to my friend. The benefits I hope will be two-fold – First up, it will obvious to that person of his importance to me. Secondly, I hope that others may find some interest in the inner workings of my life.

I am coming to discover a few things about writing, apart from the common-place knowledge that it can be a therapeutic experience.

So apart from “shining some light” on my own private life, perhaps my inner world, more so than it’s external trappings (we’ll see) I have come to realize the impact writing appears to have on my observation of the world, and my relation to it. So, I confess, that I am truly looking forward to this experience as a “new discovery” for me!….

6 Days of Reflection

6 Days of Reflection

My first installment, Today’s “events” coming shortly.

Cheerfully, All Yours

Bird of Light


~ by Teena Davidson on June 2, 2009.

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