Day 1 – Journal

He said "What?" - photograph by Ferhat Edizkan.

I woke up today Monday, and I thought I was on clouds. First up, that makes no sense at all, Mondays are not normally the day I “get my teeth into” the week. No, but I checked out the window, and the day was full of drear, lovely rainy weather, ideal for a sleep-in. Checking my watch, it was clear I had already achieved that goal … [Time omitted} so I sprang out of bed, the usual – coffee, shower, dress, in any order.

Today I skipped coffee, and opted for one down the street, to escape the racket outside [Australian slang – “racket” = noise, hullabaloo] there seemed to be grass cutters operating on all four sides.

Where I live, we have a choice of about four or so cafes nearby, excluding the mammoth of a shopping centre, (which I try to avoid.) I frequent each of them, but have my favorite. My choice largely depends upon the weather – and the time of day.

I do my coffee black. I never drank coffee before I had set foot in Rome, but after living in Europe, that custom is firmly ingrained in me, I cant imagine life without it! I order a little hot milk on the side, just because..

Memoirs from Rome

Memoirs from Rome

I stopped by the ‘op-shop’ on the way to coffee. (Another Aussie slang that needs converting? Op shop, is short for “opportunity”, i.e “cheap/second-hand treasures may lie inside”.. I found a scarf.. I’ll take a photo to save explanations. Pink and grey, that is the color combination, and I washed it already.

To cut to the short of it, my day seemed to slip through my fingers as I slipped into the day..

Now I had promised a certain someone a postcard from Oz – so I set out on my way to find one. Considering the limited options I came across, I vowed I must start taking photographs, and make a hand-crafted original one. So, I vow to take some original photographs this week. Of the city, weather permitting. It’s forecast cloudy to Saturday, so it lets me off the hook…

Now, I must confess one thing, my relationship with this blog is a good one – but I never know what’s around the corner. I apologize to anyone who may stumble upon this and wonder… I am enjoying the discovery of it all.. And wonder that I am like a bird building a nest… I am the first to admit.

Finally, I watched a spot of the tele tonight (‘tele’ short for television, in Australian). I caught most of ‘Talkin’ ’bout Your Generation’ hosted by Shaun Micallef, his task for his guests this evening was to set a table correctly with a butler employed to judge. Hilarious, better that you saw it for yourself.

Now, given that I write this blog, because I make myself..( much the same way you might make yourself exercise even if you don’t feel like it) and I have a certain someone special who urges me too… and inspires me to… But I find expressing myself in poetry much more immediate, spontaneous, far quicker.. really.

There’s so many things that I am inspired to write about – but I find creatively I need concrete inspiration; such as a photograph, to get my creative juices flowing! I was planning a sort of travel collection, inspired by my original photographs. Sadly, it will be cut short by a year, having put my own camera away whilst working with a professional in the business. I now have no access to my original work then, having been disallowed to present any of my creative work done in that time for “social” purposes due to so-called “copyright” issues.

This is interesting, seeing the amount of intellectual property I put into the work itself, and not mentioning the images I shot and were submitted for publication without my photographic credits attached. The beauty of this shame is that I have been “re-discovering” as it were, my own personal and traveling archives. Which are deep, and rich, and evocative, and actually span for ten years, since I first began traveling. I am wondering if I might make a book of them?

Birds finding a perch on a building in Seville

Birds finding a perch on a building in Seville

The Europe travels would include my favorite – Italy. A country rich and vast in culture, but also picturesque. Then Spain, Morocco… I will leave you here on the page as I float into my imagination, rediscovering all the beautiful highlights I had on my solitary voyages… moments from Lisbon, glimpsing colorful houses along the bay…ones that reminded me of colorful dreams I had as a child and never forgot.. sweet pastries I ate in bar.. The first time I shared a plate of tapas – with 5 or more people .. train trips with a girlfriend in Napoli… sunbathing by the seaside flanked by Spanish locals in El Palo…on cobbled stone beaches… sharing jars of Sangria at midday, and watching locals sit under trees in the countryside full after cooking paella for a ‘siesta’… the Silence – of walking through the (normally crowded) city center of Malaga .. feeling alone, the quietness haunting … the dry heat swallowing up the narrow white street.. and the traveller’s cafe closed.. it’s Siesta. All this, and more. I thank the Life for showing me the way, to relive these memories, and enable me to share them, also with you. And I thank you – for urging me to express them.

Man in the strett, Chefchaouen, Morocco

Man in the strett, Chefchaouen, Morocco

It was my dream since a very little girl, to dive through to the other side of the earth – to see white houses, wild ladies dressed in flamenco costume dancing passionately, living sounds and sensations and feeling which, growing up in my country – had no chance of ever really feeling or knowing.

I wanted to live ‘like a gypsy”, discover castles.. walk through the very real corridors of my imagination and live and breathe and touch these dreams.

My only regret, and it is not yet one really (as there is time) is to actually dress up as one of the wild flamenco women.. Seldom did a foreigner, where I was living dress in the local’s traditional dress – I would love to do this still. Now, echoes, the haunting voices of male flamenco singers.. walking in a street outside, and the air carries the tune…

I am returning to the humbling sensation of being in a town whose streets, and churches, and mosques, and castles… and stones making up the cobbled streets are older than anything we have at home here in Australia, and breathing in the scent of a rich culture, on that integrated so many different races and cultures and beliefs. . and disappearing into my memory in the cool night air now…

I’ll leave you with a quote. One which kept me company sometimes traveling alone and gave me solace. I know it’s disquietening for some, but I’m writing this entry for you – And I know you’ll get it!

“Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free til they find someone just as wild to run with them.”
– Carrie, Sex and the City

I also found this quote: “But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous.”

Carrie also – Sex and the City

Appreciating the simple things is one of the true beauties in life.

Appreciating the simple things is one of the true beauties in life.

That sums up pretty well my view on life, love and the planet. I’d rather be myself, and be single than try to fit a cardboard image type of cut-out figure of me, without my imperfections, without my character. You have to be yourself, and find others who will support you, and respect you, and encourage to reach as far as you can, and maybe even higher..
Signing out..



~ by Teena Davidson on June 2, 2009.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your journey of growth.
    Made me smile!

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