Be Creative for Ocean’s Day June 8 and express your love for our Oceans

June 8 is Oceans Day. The David Suzuki Foundation has come up with a creative way to raise awareness, and is calling everyone – whether or not has artistic talent, to collaborate on a piece of art that represents why you love oceans and what we can do to protect them.

Dolphin swimming in the Mediterranean, off coast of Southern Spain

Dolphin swimming in the Mediterranean, off coast of Southern Spain

You can get together a group of people who care about the ocean and decide on the type of art you wish to create – whether is be a poster, writing a song, staging a short play, or making a video – Any creative form is great! Don’t try to create an technical masterpiece – just an authentic work of art to express your love of the ocean and its creatures!

Also imagine where your art could be displayed, or performed.

Whether it be at a school, community centre, or in front of your house or on the beach (you may need permission to display your art in some public place).

Display your finished work of art in public to help raise awareness in the community about marine conservation. You could also send them to your local newspaper, as many publications love to profiling events in the community.

Send finished pictures and tales of your “Fish Out of Water” experience to the David Suzuki Foundation.

~ by Teena Davidson on June 1, 2009.

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