Thou Shalt not covet – Muses exhange wisdom at the Met

Nadja and Eva share a moment between camera shots, at Met-do.

Nadja and Eva share a moment between camera shots, at Met-do.

Celebrated for their long limbs and photogenic talents – as well as their impact on the spheres of fashion and photography – here pictured two of the supermodels who turned up to the recent “Models as Muse” do at the Met. Nadja Auermann (above, left) and Eva Herzigova exchange seeming frivolities in front of a barrage of paparazzi.

What I find most endearing about this shot is their presence of innocent cavorting in front of the camera. Their ageless looks radiate other-worldly elfin beauty (Eva) and classic goddess drama (Nadja). I should think their nonchalant, relaxed approach is perfectly fitting for two of the tops, and also reflective as their powers as “muses.”

What I also really like about this shot is also their collaborations in the accessories department of footwear and hand luggage. It seems to me that neutrals work best when (for evening) teamed with radiant reds, futuristic metallics, and brought back to earth again with Grecian (Nadja) and 50’s style/ ballet (Eva) references, illustrated by their selections of evening dresses. I also agree that Eva did well to accompany her scene- stealing sparkling platforms, with a delicate necklace in pearls.

~ by Teena Davidson on May 31, 2009.

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