“I never want to close my eyes again…” sings Annie Lennox; Her SING Campaign is proving an able wheel in the mechanism of Healing on the Planet

“I never want to Close my Eyes again…” These are beautiful lyrics from “A Thousand Beautiful Things,” song by Annie Lennox, but not just words these can become a powerful anthem, used in the following SING Campaign video to highlight the necessity for treatment and making treatments available for the women and children especially, suffering the ravages of the AIDS/HIV pandemic in South Africa.

SING offers educational and financial resources and treatments, as well as hope and support, while giving a voice to the children and mothers who wouldn’t otherwise have one.

Annie SING(s) for SING

Annie SING(s) for SING

In the latest campaign video for SING we can obviously see the changes the treatments make, as seen with little girl Avelive.

The video shows a little girl on the brink of death – with just weeks to live, before receiving treatment. After treatment her health is restored, her eyes brimming with happiness, and confidence restored in her heart and for her future – knowing she has a life ahead of her. In fact, Avelive was given a new destiny.

Watch SING Video – Avelile Then And Now –

These new options in her life are a result of the hope, assistance and treatments which SING campaigns for and funds raised give access to. It is common that fear makes people silent, and that is the beauty of SING, giving a voice to all the women and children especially, who are too often bearing the burdens of the AIDS pandemic.

The sad facts still remain that HIV is spreading rapidly throughout our developed countries, with new infections occurring more and more commonly throughout all sectors of society – amongst heterosexual men, as well as both the younger and older generations. I really urge that you “Be aware, and care”.

You can find SING on facebook and myspace also.

Please visit Annie’s site to learn more about these truths, to see for yourselves the positive and life-giving changes brought about by the educational and financial efforts made by Annie Lennox’s SING Campaign, which is proving to be one able wheel in the movement of change towards a healthier Planet.

Annie Lennox/ SING

~ by Teena Davidson on May 22, 2009.

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