Poetry – White Bird, Nameless Speaker

The setting sun,
A masquerade for murder
Who heralds the death of yesterday,
Cries in the night –
Replaced by sighs
A Long, deep sigh
of shapes shifting. . .

Bird of Light

Bird of Light

This is not longing,
but Peace it brings
an End of the Imagination
from which
It stemmed,
to a dense shifting in restful
Dark Sunrise

Dark Sunrise

Spoken in gravity
the summer hue –
Lost and begun,
The White Bird
Echoes Solace. . .
An empty shape
That Transcends Our

Touching swiftly
with Grace
every corner
of the World –
With wings spread full
the lonely pattern is broken,
Uniting with Sky
the last vestiges of
Bird is White.

Freedom Over Water

Freedom Over Water

Speaking a soundless Whisper
the shade wins
and captures all,
A lonely endurance
wrapped in its embrace.

Tomorrow will call
and divide him,
Between Earth and Heaven.

Who knows what Tomorrow
will bring, but Today
speaks quietly
of a soft-spoken


~ by Teena Davidson on April 28, 2009.

One Response to “Poetry – White Bird, Nameless Speaker”

  1. When i see an exceptional painting it makes me forget the rest of the world. I found myself in a fascinating dream. When i read your poem i feel the same way. I read it several times, when i close my eyes i find myself into your poem and feel it deeply.
    Thank you Teena, thank you for sharing this wonderful poem…

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