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Monica Belluci

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Monica Belluci

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Weekend Thoughts:

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Not much to say about this one: Seems quite self-evident. Or at least can serve as a good meditation piece.

Have a good weekend All. i hope you Valentine’s Day was good, too.




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Another wonderful post, I thought I would share with you, until I come up with some new content/: redirection:

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What a wonderful post! – I thought I’d share ~ as the photography is simply lovely… I love birds.. after all!.. the colors, the light, everything, and situated in nature amongst a mound of fresh green, this is truly a lovely shot capturing the essence and simplicity of some of nature’s most spectacular creatures. The background which has been blurred out – leaves a refreshing contrast to the subject which remains vivid & intense.
I particularly love the combination in nature of the colors lavender and green. It is very relaxing, think of clouds utop a mountain viewed from afar!
What next? – Well I was thinking of closing this blog down – as I haven’t written for such a long while. But did I want to keep it open – mainly just to celebrate nature and the Arts, more poetry and photography specifically? Any ideas?. I would be happy for some.
Initiatially I started this blog to just discover the world of blogging in general, but I feel if I am to spend time on here it needs more direction!.
My other love is fashion, and that site is up and running before long.
I took time out last year to find a house and start renovations. We are almost done – The basics, of course! Nothing flashy, just some cleaning up here and there… painting & general decorating.
I apologize to my followers for opting out of writing without a lead as to my redirection.
I simply don’t have an answer for this. I’m not sure if I could merge the two, really as with two seperate names they are very differently themes.
Alas, it’s Friday.
I’ll try to give thought to what I can do with my blog….. very the weekend.

Wishing everyone a very happy relaxing weekend, preferably joined by friends, or family of course.

x Bird of light

You Deserve Tomorrow

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Branson Without the Song & Dance

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Words from one of the world’s greatest high-fliers on simplification, not complication: ~


Try to Keep Things Simple

Among Richard Branson’s Secrets To Success

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. 😉 It takes a great mind to simplify the most complex of world’s problems or to find the best solution (without making a song and dance of it).

.. Have a great Day.

Changing (A Poem)

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Ah, Changing Indeed.

Have you changed, more is the point?

In questioning others, have yourself deceived? More a beautiful thing to see the world through hand a entwined with others, two pairs of eyes, so to speak…

How hard it is to stand in the shoes of others.

If only our often limited viewpoints were not the force of consternation.

People voice viewpoints ill-conceived, from which they know (or think, in reality) very little).

I am no stranger to being judged blindly.

It bothers me not now, more the pity, the fellow who believes true friendship these fickle minds.

I am loved. The rest I care less for – for the heart must be pleased.

A poem in One,

Short Indeed.

~ Bird of Light

Don’t Doubt Yourself

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Don’t Doubt YourSelf

Just Keep on Flying

He Knew From the Start


You Were Not There

(but) You Tried To Tell


Secrets From the past Kept on Flying

There were not Any

There Were Not Some


Some were made of a madman


Others were Let loose


The moment He cast His Spell on you.


They were (not nothing)

They were Not You.




Bird of Light.