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Monica Belluci

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Monica Belluci

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Weekend Thoughts:

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Not much to say about this one: Seems quite self-evident. Or at least can serve as a good meditation piece.

Have a good weekend All. i hope you Valentine’s Day was good, too.




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Another wonderful post, I thought I would share with you, until I come up with some new content/: redirection:

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What a wonderful post! – I thought I’d share ~ as the photography is simply lovely… I love birds.. after all!.. the colors, the light, everything, and situated in nature amongst a mound of fresh green, this is truly a lovely shot capturing the essence and simplicity of some of nature’s most spectacular creatures. The background which has been blurred out – leaves a refreshing contrast to the subject which remains vivid & intense.
I particularly love the combination in nature of the colors lavender and green. It is very relaxing, think of clouds utop a mountain viewed from afar!
What next? – Well I was thinking of closing this blog down – as I haven’t written for such a long while. But did I want to keep it open – mainly just to celebrate nature and the Arts, more poetry and photography specifically? Any ideas?. I would be happy for some.
Initiatially I started this blog to just discover the world of blogging in general, but I feel if I am to spend time on here it needs more direction!.
My other love is fashion, and that site is up and running before long.
I took time out last year to find a house and start renovations. We are almost done – The basics, of course! Nothing flashy, just some cleaning up here and there… painting & general decorating.
I apologize to my followers for opting out of writing without a lead as to my redirection.
I simply don’t have an answer for this. I’m not sure if I could merge the two, really as with two seperate names they are very differently themes.
Alas, it’s Friday.
I’ll try to give thought to what I can do with my blog….. very the weekend.

Wishing everyone a very happy relaxing weekend, preferably joined by friends, or family of course.

x Bird of light

You Deserve Tomorrow

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